Thumb Tack Pumpkins

Sep 25 2013
Thumb Tack Pumpkins

I know it's still September, but it's almost October which means it's almost Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnn! My favorite holiday next to Christmas : ) Well, I thought we should start the Holiday off with some funky and EASY studded pumpkins. Love! Love! Love!

What you need (Thumb tack version)
Thumb tacks (silver or gold)
Fake pumpkin or real pumpkin

What you need (Studded Version)
Gold studs from
Hot Glue
Fake Pumpkin

1. Push your thumb tack into your pumpkin .... continue with the rest ... ummmm could it get any easier?

2. If you are using the studs from you need to hot glue them to your fake pumpkin. Easy as pie! 

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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