Mitten Garland

Dec 10 2013
Mitten Garland

It's finally cold in LA! Can you believe it!? It's like almost winter here ..... I wish it would snow. That would be freaking amazing. Well, for all the rest of you on the East Coast who have real snow I have a simple and sweet little craft for you. DIY mitten garland! This is so easy and what's great about it is that you use the materials you have in your house. Old scarves, flannel, t-shirts, towels, old sweaters etc. If you missed today's segment on Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel you can see the tutorial below!


Mitten Garland

Mitten Template
Fabric Scissors
Yarn or Ribbon
Items to embellish
Old socks, old sweaters, old kitchen towels, scarves etc.
Hot Glue

1. Download the Mitten Template and print it out.

2. Lay out the fabric you are going to use. look around your house, you probably have old socks, hats, scarves, etc. that you can use for this garland. 

3. Trace your mitten pattern on your fabric and cut out the mitten. If your material is one-sided you need to reverse the pattern and cut out another side.

4. Hot glue your two mittens together and embellish with ribbon etc.


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