DIY Striped Mason Jars

Jul 18 2013
DIY Striped Mason Jars

Everybody loves a mason jar. Especially when you spray it gold : )

What you need:
Mason Jar
Painter's tape
Krylon Brilliant Gold Spray Paint
Krylon Clear Sealer Spray Paint


1. Stripe your mason jar with painter's tape. Make sure you press it all the way down to the jar so no spray paint gets underneath the tape.

2. Standing 12"-18" away from your jar spray it gold. Let dry.

3. Do not remove the tape yet. Spray the jar again with the clear sealer. Let dry. Remove tape.

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Anonymous said:
18 July, 2013 - 21:43
I think this is a fantastic idea, never would have thought of it
JessieJane said:
19 July, 2013 - 13:40