DIY Pet Costumes

Oct 15 2013
DIY Pet Costumes

Today on Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel (Mon-Fri 10am/9c) I made DIY pet costumes!

Ummmm seriously how freaking cute are these!? 

This is the Chia pet costume. Yes, Chia pet!

And thissssss is the pinata costume! He even has a mini sombrero! LOVE!!
To see the pinata costume tutorial click here: Pinata Dog costume
To see the Chia pet costume tutorial please scroll down. Did I just say please? Wow, I am feeling so polite this morning!

To start the chia pet costume you need fake shrubbery from Michaels. Depending on how large your dog is you will need 2 or more. For the 10 lb dog in the picture I used 2 flats but we glued them super close together. You could get away with spreading them out a bit. 

Detach the individual pieces. They just pop off super easy.

And glue them to your dog sweater with hot glue. Easy!

Keep going until everything is completely covered.


And then you have a super cute chia doggie : ) 

Some additional photos from the show today. All photos below were taken by Jeremy Lee and are copyright of Crown Media.

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