Best Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Dec 15 2014
Best Elf on the Shelf Ideas

I lalalalalalallalaLOVE Christmas. My favorite holiday E.V.E.R. But I will admit that I was late in the game with the Elf on the shelf. Everyone had one and I sorta refused to get the little guy for fear that it might be a huge pain in the ass. Well, I got the elf last year. And I was right .... it is a huge pain in the ass. But, I sorta, kinda, love it now and I must admit my kids are ecstatic when they wake up every morning to see this crazy elf. I have now taken the elf to another level as I try to outdo myself every night like one of those freaking pshyco over-the-top mothers. Take a look out our crazy elf for your own inspiration!

(P.S.) I will keep adding more of our elf pictures here and on my Instagram until Christmas Day

"Kit Kat lounge chairs and graham cracker sand ~ Only the best for our little elf"

How I did it
6 Kit Kats
Graham cracker crumbs
Cut a small piece of cloth (towel)
Small thumb tack to hold the hands together

"I hear sprinkle baths are suposed to be really relaxing"

How I did it
1 oval shaped bowl
2 large containers of sprinkles
Cut a small piece of cloth (towel) 
Lego cookie (Bath mat)

"Tough game of gumball pool"

How I did it
1 antique box
1 piece of white felt cut to size
16 gumballs (1 white, and 1 colored black with a Sharpie)
1 chocolate Pockie stick
4 spools of thread
Glue dots to keep my elfs legs in place 

"Our Elf is baking 5 layer cake and I'm looking for more lotion caps. I want to live in Neverland."

How I did it
5 mini frozen pancakes
Chocolate frosting
Clear lotion caps
Flour, cocoa powder, 1 big white pearl sprinkle (for the egg)
Clear mini cake stand from Michaels

"Marshmallow Snow Angels"

How I did it
Mini Marshmallows
American Girl Doll Menorah
Elf on the shelf boots and skirt from Target

"Elf on the Shelf Breakfast"

How I did it
Mini copper pan ornaments from William Sanoma
Peppermint stick
Cheerios dipped in frosting and sprinkles
Cheerios dipped in powdered sugar and cocoa powder

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