Basic Witch Tee

Sep 27 2017
Basic Witch Tee

I have a question for all you mamas out there. Do your kids collect random things around the house and put them in bags? My kids pretend they are shopping and they take bags and walk around the house putting all sorts of stuff in there and then I will find random bags in every room of the house with like 40 different items inside from toilet paper to crayons to food to my freaking car keys. It seriously takes me like 2 hours to walk around the house and put the stuff back. It's freaking madness I tell you!

And speaking of being a crazy witch, here is a fun DIY t-shirt for Halloween. Scroll down for the tutorial. BOO!

Basic Witch Tee

What you need
Gray or black plain cotton (pre-washed) T-shirt
White Tulip fabric paint
Stencil brush and paint brush
Letter stencils

1. Lay your t-shirt on a flat surface and stick a piece of cardboard or thick piece of construction paper in between the two layers of the t-shirt. You are doing this so the fabric paint doesn't bleed through the material. 

2. Place your stencils in place and pour your white paint on a painter's pallet or something flat. Using your stencil brush dab the white fabric paint and dab inside your stencil with a thin amount of paint, making sure to use your fingers to hold the stencil down firmly so the paint doesnt go underneath the stencil. Remove the stencil and move on to the next letter. 

3. This step is optional, but I don't like the look of "stencil" letters so I used a paint brush and fabric paint to fill in the gaps in the letters. You can do this or leave it as stencil lettering. Continue painting the rest of your stencils and let dry overnight.

TIP: For washng instructions check the back of the fabric paint bottle.




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